The little farmhouse kitchen

Brightly coloured pickles carefully dated and lined up; a freshly baked loaf of sourdough bread soon to be sliced; around the corner, a few scalloped dishes waiting to be washed – all signs that while on the smaller side, this little farmhouse-style kitchen does more than deliver: it is used and enjoyed every day.

All within reach

Even in a little space, they didn’t have to cut back on all the kitchen equipment they need and love. How? By designing with storage in mind. Cupboards, drawers, shelves, rails, trolleys and jars all have a home here – taking full advantage of both vertical and horizontal space while adding to the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Working in parallel

One of the reasons this kitchen works so well is thanks to its separate washing, prepping and cooking zones. There is enough space to do it all at once without ever getting under each other's feet.

“Are things getting a little tight? By adding a compact kitchen trolley, there is suddenly extra storage and workspace that can be moved where needed.”

Hans Blomquist
Interior designer

Do-it-yourself deliciousness

There is nothing these two love more than the satisfaction of stocking their pantry themselves. From home-made spice mixes and jams to perfectly-proofed sourdough boules, if they can make it themselves rather than buying it from the shops, they do.

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