The best Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one, based on her/his hobby

Preparing the best Valentine’s Day gift for loved one is not easy as we think. Gifts like chocolates, flowers or teddy bears are so yesterday. On this Valentine’s Day, get your loved one impressed by giving her/him a present that relates with her/his hobbies and personality.

Valentine’s Day gift for a home chef

If your partner love to create new recipes, Valentine’s Day gift like cookware and kitchen utensils are very useful for her/him. Especially if you give something that your partner really want for a long time.


Apron with unique design can be a special Valentine’s Day gift for your partner because it’s one of the important kitchen essentials. Choose the apron that not only looks stylish but also with good material. Make sure your gift apron is a bib apron one - the apron that used by professional chef to protect their clothes when cook or grill. Furthermore, you can choose an apron with deep pockets to let your partner bring her/his little equipment.


If the apron is too simple to be given as a Valentine’s Day gift, you can pick cookware as second option. Giving new cookware for your partner who loves cooking will be more useful than you just give flowers or chocolates.

Kitchen accessories

If your loved one already has all cookware she/he needs, you can choose kitchen accessories as Valentine’s Day gift. Kitchen accessories like spice rack, trolley, kitchen utensil tray, or rail and hook to hang kitchen utensils are what your partner needs in her/his cooking area.

Valentine’s Day gift for a green thumb

Gardening is fun and also beneficial because it brings positive impact for both physical and mental health. If your loved one always had an interest in gardening, that will be perfect to give her/him some gardening equipment as Valentine’s Day gift. 

Watering can

One of gardening essentials that you can give as Valentine’s Day gift is watering can. Beautiful watering can not only use to water your plants but also work as beautiful decoration for your lover. 

Plant pot or plant stand

Help your partner to organise her/his plants by giving her/him some plant pots or plant stands. Plant pot in wood material, woven water hyacinth, and concrete definitely become beautiful Valentine’s Day gift for your loved one. Not only plant pot, plant stand is the perfect gift for a green thumb. With plant stand, you can help your partner arrange her/his plants to look more beautiful.

Gardening tools

Valentine’s Day gift no need to be expensive and luxurious. Just make sure your gift is useful and relate with her/his personality and hobbies. Gardening tools will be perfect if your partner always had an interest in gardening. Gardening tools consist of shovel, rake, herb scissors and gloves will certainly support her/his hobby.

Valentine’s Day gift for a tech-savvy

Always knew about technology information, a tech savvy definitely prefer a Valentine’s Day gift that support their online activities. If your partner is a tech savvy, here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will be perfect for her/him.

Laptop support

Help your loved one to work comfortably in front of the screen by giving her/him a laptop support. With laptop support, your partner can sit comfortably with the screen at eye level thanks to the tilted surface. Besides, laptop support also help your partner to work in anywhere even if there’s no desk.

Mobile/tablet holder

Besides laptop support, you can give mobile/tablet holder for a tech savvy on Valentine’s Day. With mobile/tablet holder, your partner can use her/his mobile phone comfortably, especially when she/he works or watches video.

3-port charger USB

A tech savvy usually has more than one gadget therefore a charger that can charge 3 gadgets at once will be something very valuable.


A tech savvy usually has many gadget accessories to support her/his online activities. So, what if you give a pegboard as Valentine’s Day gift to keep her/his gadget accessories organised and easy to find. 

Valentine’s Day for a bookworm

Reading book is one of the most preferred activities. If your partner loves to read books, there are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas you can choose. And these recommended gifts definitely will be very useful for your loved one.

Reading lamp

Reading books - especially at night - require enough lighting to protect your eyes. That’s why a reading lamp can be the perfect present for your lovely bookworm. Choose a reading lamp that has the adjustable head and arm so your partner can direct the light where she/he needs.


If your loved one has so many books, help her/him to keep them organised by giving a bookcase on this Valentine’s Day. Adjust the bookcase design with her/his personality and needs - whether it’s high or low bookcase, with glass door or an open bookcase. Make sure the bookcase made of good material so your partner can use it for years.


There is nothing more exciting than reading a book while wrapped in a warm throw. Giving a throw as Valentine’s Day gift is perfect so your loved one can enjoy her/his favourite books comfortably. Choose throw material that suits her/his needs - from wool, cotton, or polyester. 

Valentine’s Day for a movie lover

Always become the first person that knew about the newest movie and likes almost all movie genres. If your partner love to watch movies in her/his spare time, here are some recommended gift that makes her/his weekend movie marathon more enjoyable. 

Tray table

Watching movie will never be complete without snacks like popcorn or potato chips. A table with removable tray lets your partner to serve the refreshment for watching movies much easier. It is easy to put the tray back after use on the table frame.

Jar and carafe

Jar and carafe can be a special Valentine’s Day gift for a movie lover. By giving jar and carafe, your loved one can serve the refreshment for watching movies much easier. 


Watching movies will be more comfortable with a comfy seat and warm throw. To add cosiness in the living room when your loved one watch her/his favourite movies, you can give fluffy cushions with a beautiful design for your partner.

Valentine’s gift for an adventurer

If your partner’s hobby is traveling to new places, traveling essentials will be a great Valentine’s Day gift for her/him. Here are some traveling kit that you can give to your lovely adventurer. 

Bag and luggage

Bag and luggage are the most important travel things. On this Valentine’s Day, why not to give a new bag or luggage to your loved one. Make sure the bag or luggage made of sturdy material so it can be carried everywhere she/he wants. 

Neck pillow

Having a long trip is very exhausted, so your partner needs to have a thing such as neck pillow to keep her/him comfortable. Choose a neck pillow that has ergonomic design and easy to tuck into the bag so your partner can enjoy her/his trip more.

Toiletry bag

Simple things but important such as toiletry bag can be a useful Valentine’s Day gift. Toiletry bag with compartments let your partner can organise her/his little things.

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