Stylish and sleek laundry room and mudroom combo

With a bright yet robust expression, this is a highly functional and reliable workstation. Washing, drying, folding, ironing: all can be done in one place. Apart from the regular laundry duty, this space also makes it easy to clean your boots after a walk in the rain or take a shower after outdoor exercise.​

An orderly corner in your mudroom​

Tidy up the place where you keep your raincoats, outdoor boots and smaller sports equipment. Having a proper place for these things makes it much easier to keep dust and dirt from the rest of your home. Combine smaller and bigger racks for different kinds of items (you can always add more hooks if needed).​

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Stay prepared for rainy days​

Keep the rest of your home clean by preventing dirt from entering it in the first place. A shower is an excellent addition to this mudroom/laundry room. It’s simply perfect when you come home after a brisk walk in bad weather or after sports practice. Dirty clothes can go directly into the washing machine.​

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Perfect organisation in style​

Create a calm atmosphere with accessories in the same bright colour scheme. From cabinets to laundry baskets, from drying rack to table – in this combined laundry room/mudroom, the white hues contrast the blue walls and dark tile floor in a fresh and elegant way, while wooden accents add a soft expression.​

A workstation for every laundry-related chore​

If space is limited, you want to make use of every corner to create an air of calm and order. In this mudroom/laundry room, you’ll find all the things that you need to sort, wash, dry, fold and air your clothes. Being able to carry out all tasks in a single space saves you time and hassle.

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