Follow these 5 steps to keep mold at bay in your shoes

Mold growth is common in shoes that are stored in damp conditions. For example, suppose you wash your shoes but they are not completely dry. Or sweat-soaked shoes are stored while still damp. Mold loves the darkness and dampness of a shoe cabinet. Mold-infested shoes will undoubtedly wear out faster and be less durable. Here are some methods for preventing mold from growing on your shoes.

1.  Properly dry shoes

After wearing or washing shoes, place them in a well-ventilated area to dry. Certain types of shoes can even be dried directly in the sun. You can also use a low-heat hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

2. Use silica gel packs

Typically, silica gel packs are included with new shoes. Do not discard it because its purpose is to absorb excess moisture and eliminate unpleasant odors from shoes. Put them in and around your shoes to keep them dry while you store them.

3.  Use acid-free tissue to wrap your shoes and as a shoe stopper 

Tissue paper that is absorbent and acid-free keeps the right amount of moisture. Put enough into the shoe, then wrap and store. This method can help your shoes last longer and keep their shape.

4. Choose the appropriate shoe storage

Shoe storage is also important in preventing mold from growing on shoes. To store shoes that you wear frequently, we recommend opened shelves or cabinets. The goal is for proper air circulation in and around your shoes to keep them dry and odor-free. Closed storage solutions, such as glass cabinets or closed cabinets, can be used for shoes that are rarely worn. This method safeguards the shoes against dust, dirt, and extreme temperatures. But first, make sure the shoes are clean and dry, and that they are securely wrapped so that they last a long time. To control the humidity and temperature in the storage, open the cupboard at least once a week. Mold growth is encouraged by high humidity and low temperatures, which makes shoes brittle, weakens fabrics, and causes the glue to loosen.

5. Regularly clean your shoes

The final piece of advice is to clean your shoes on a regular basis. To prevent mold on your shoes. To remove surface dust, dry clean shoes with a special shoe cleaner or wash shoes with water and mild detergent.

These are some tips for keeping mold off your shoes. If you're looking for the perfect place to store your shoes, IKEA has a wide range of shoe storage solutions and inspiration, including hanging storage boxes, hooks, wall shelves, display cabinets, and more. During this time, you can also get our special offers from IKEA's year-end sale program for furniture and accessories.