Storage ideas for a small, smart and stylish hallway

Storage in a small hallway can be a challenge, especially if you’d like it to be a tidy, welcoming space with a bit of stylish finesse. Here are some ideas proving that functional and pretty – with quite a bit of smartness too – is no impossible equation.

Two-in-one mirror

A mirror for checking yourself before you head out is always helpful. Why not let it carry a bit of your storage load as well? This little beauty is just as perfect for emptying your pockets as for makeup and styling stuff .

The classic hat rack

Even if you don’t have many hats, a hat rack with hooks and a rail can be a good choice for effi cient clothes storage. Combine it with a matching shelf over the door and you get even more space for storing things in boxes – all the way to the ceiling if you like.

Step up your storage game

Maximising storage in a small space is all about using the height of the room. Reaching everything is as easy as getting a sturdy stepladder. This one is foldable, so when you’re not using it, you can squeeze it in where it’s out of the way or hang it on a hook.

Shoes be gone

Few things can clean up a hallway for a more elegant impression than shoe cabinets can. Since they mostly take up wall space it’s easy fitting in a pair of them. This classic design is a nice look, but there are also more modern styles to choose between.

More than meets the eye

A large wall mirror is a proven trick to make a small space feel bigger. Mounting it on hinges lets you use it at diff erent angles – and with a few hooks behind it you can even get some hidden storage. Just make sure to use shallow hooks.

Good-to-have accessories for your hallway

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Written by: IKEA
Translated by: Ayu Nindyakirana

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