Hide and display: storage across the home

This apartment is designed for city-dwellers with a social lifestyle – enabling impromptu dinner parties, putting favourite things on display, and hiding what is needed but not meant to be seen. There is less space for storage, so this means thinking creatively, like a sofa that fits everything – including things you might not expect.

Hide and seat!

Comfortable seating is a must for all of the weekday suppers and board game marathons that happen at the dining table. Even better that it serves as extra storage for bigger items that don’t fit into the kitchen drawers.

Divide and conquer your space

Open plan living works best when it’s divided into zones, and double-sided shelving is the perfect way to organise this area and keep the glassware close at hand!

Many ways to display

This home has plenty of opportunity to show off trinkets, books and objects that deserve to be admired. A series of open shelves create space for pretty tableaus, and a wall railing with hooks makes a feature gallery of colourful prints and photographs that can be switched with ease.

What’s your wardrobe style?

When fashion is front and centre, ample clothing storage is essential. With standing wardrobes and plenty of ways to organise the space within, it’s never going to be a problem here – even with limited space.

Get organised at home

Take charge of your space with these helpful pieces for keeping things comfortable and in order.
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Written by: IKEA
Translated by: Ayu Nindyakirana

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