Spontaneous get together in a small apartment

Setting up your home for the joy of the unexpected opens so many more opportunities for connection, but while the activity itself may be spontaneous, organisation, clever storage solutions, multifunctional pieces and space savers are what will take the stress out of hosting, even in a small apartment.

Make space for more with multipurpose furniture

When living in a small home, multipurpose furniture is a must! Stackable stools and a nesting table set take up very little room when not in use while being super useful when friends come around. Extra seating and table space? You got it!

Small home, small plates​

Instead of opting for a big sit-down meal, tapas are steamed over two portable induction hobs. Small plates take the stress out of cooking and mean food can be enjoyed in stages throughout the evening.

Dinnerware in open storage for easy delegating

One tip for easy entertaining? Share out the tasks! It will make your life simpler and your friends feel more included. A dinnerware set in open storage makes laying the table easy as everything is on display and a cinch to find.

Adaptable side tables to shift with the mood

There may come a time in the evening when everyone moves to the sofa for a change of pace. Picking an adaptable, compact side table with storage that works on two different levels is a great investment for such moments, making it comfortable for people seated at different heights.

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