Spacious and welcoming home

This welcoming home, designed for a family of 5 who likes being around people. This home is about more than just a look. It also creates a feeling of comfort and belonging.

A living room that accommodates all family members

Living room must be comfortable for all family members, this can be realized by choosing various types of seating solutions that suit the age, style and need of each family member.

There's always room for your kitchen utensils

Creating a kitchen that is not monotonous can be done by combining open or closed cabinets also cabinet with glass doors or drawers, so you can store the way you want!

Enhance your dining room with simple pattern

White furniture can be boring. Don't be afraid to combine it with a little touch of pattern. The upholstred chairs with simple pattern create a fresh atmosphere in the dining room, and also adds comfort.

A traditional-look bathroom

Choosing furniture with some crafted detail can enhances the traditional look in the bathroom. Using the framed mirror that has a handy shelf beneath make you can store your cell phone or glasses while washing your hands or taking a shower.

Sleep in a harmonious bedroom

Soft colours in a bedroom can improve sleep quality. Choose white furniture with a touch of green and a little pattern to create a harmonious and pleasing bedroom.

A bedroom with a private and comfortable corner

Our bedroom should be our sanctuary. You can choose a decorative curves bedframe to add beauty details in the room. Having a private living area in our bedroom can create a cozy and luxurious corner to enjoy.

A playful shared-bedroom for kids

2 kids sleeping together can be a challenge. By having a bunk bed, you can save a few square meters of floor area needed for play and other activities.

Our interior designers are here to help

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