Sneak peek at new IKEA and SONOS sound system

This autumn, IKEA releases SYMFONISK, a new range of smart speakers designed with sound specialists Sonos. Unveiled at this year’s Milan Design Fair, it’s set to democratise sound!
A new SYMFONISK speaker shaped like a table lamp sits on a stand and is photographed against a graphic sign.
Launching SYMFONISK at Milan Furniture Fair
For one week each spring, anyone interested in interior design looks to Milan. This year, IKEA staged ‘Feel Home’ an exhibition about sound and light, and their mood-boosting power. For the global audience that follows the Furniture Fair, it was also a chance to get the first look at SYMFONISK.
Sound, like light, can change the mood at home. In the IKEA Life at Home Report, 60% of participants said they play music for a homey feeling. That was the starting point for the Milan show…
Two men stand talking in a beige room.
IKEA and Sonos break sound barriers
“Sound is a deeply emotional part of our lives,” says Tad Toulis, vice president of design at Sonos (pictured left at Milan with Björn Block, business leader for IKEA Home Smart). “IKEA and Sonos recognise the importance of great sound and its potential to positively affect life at home.”
Two women sit and talk next to an IKEA SYMFONISK table lamp speaker with a graphic poster in the background.
Your perfect sound system
IKEA and Sonos aim to democratise sound with high-quality speakers that are easy to install and use, for a smart sound system at an affordable price. SYMFONISK are WiFi speakers in two designs – a bookshelf and table lamp – that are fully integrated with the Sonos sound system and controlled by the Sonos app. At Milan, visitors demo’d the speakers in sound-proof booths dubbed SYMFONISK boxes.
Milan Design Week focuses on new products for the home, making it the perfect place to unveil SYMFONISK to the world. Over four days, a corner of Zona Tortona became the perfect sound stage for the new IKEA and Sonos speakers.
A group of people sit on red and white sofas in a large room with ceiling lights, listening to a man standing on a stage.
The exhibition was a playground. Interactive installations let people play with sound and light and see their impact on us as humans, how we react to different sounds and how light travels.
Two people stand in front of an image of a bed with pink and yellow bedding.
A person playing crockery like an instrument on a black table top, with crowds watching.
SYMFONISK smart speakers go on sale from August. Watch the video and experience the emotion of sound behind them now!
The Sonos and IKEA logos.
“Atmosphere and convenience are central in the creation of the IKEA Home Smart concept – SYMFONISK is perfectly designed with that in mind.”
Björn Block, business leader for IKEA Home Smart
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