Smart ways to economically refresh your living room furniture

Creating a space where you can gather with close relatives and experience unforgettable moments in your beloved home is the aspiration of everyone. Therefore, it's essential to prepare a living room that is not only comfortable but also spacious enough for family gatherings when the time comes. If you're planning to update your living room furniture for a more proper and refreshing look, IKEA has the perfect solutions for you.

Utilize IKEA's planning program

Expanding the living room and rearranging its layout are equally important in the renovation process. The goal is to determine a suitable layout that maintains a sense of spaciousness, providing comfort for all family members when they gather. You don't need to worry about planning the layout because IKEA has the solution.

Make use of IKEA's home planning program to determine the new layout for your living room. This program helps you design interior plans in 2D or 3D formats for various rooms in your home, including the living room. You can save and print the plans for consultation with IKEA's interior design services. Access this service for free by registering as an IKEA Family member.

Plan the furniture you want to purchase

If you plan to update your living room furniture, it's important to plan what furniture you want to buy. Base your plan on the layout you've designed using IKEA's planning program. Then, determine the type of furniture that will refresh your living room.

Opt for furniture with integrated storage solutions. This way, you won't need to purchase additional storage to organize and store items in your living room. Besides providing savings, utilizing furniture with smart storage features will give your living room a minimalist look and a spacious feel. Equally important, choose furniture of good quality for long-term use. This ensures high economic value and maximum savings.

DIY assembly and benefit from IKEA promotions

Avoid additional costs for hiring a handyman. IKEA provides easy-to-understand and detailed assembly instructions for furniture products, allowing you to assemble them yourself (DIY). This will increase your savings in making your living room more functional with a refreshing look.

A final tip is to take advantage of installment programs and available promotions. The installment program allows you to make payments gradually, eliminating budget concerns when purchasing furniture. Additionally, IKEA offers a Last stock promotion where you can explore a variety of selected products starting from only 5 thousand. Don't wait any longer; visit your favorite IKEA store and enjoy attractive offers and promotions on a range of IKEA products.

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