Smart bedroom storage hacks in unused spaces

Looking for extra bedroom storage? There are many ways to put unused and perhaps unusual spaces to smart use. You just need to be a little creative to find them and turn them into clever stowaways. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Overhead out-of-the-way shelves

Mounting wall shelves over the windows is a proven hack to get storage space for things you don’t need immediate access to every day. Boxes with lids are a good choice for keeping everything organised and dust free.

Leaving a useful storage gap

A shelf behind the head of the bed makes a great full-width nightstand with plenty of space for reading lamps, books and other things you want easy access to. Below it, you get convenient storage space for a row of boxes and baskets.

The under-bed classic

Using the space under your bed for storage is the oldest trick in the book. The only question is how to make the most of it. A pro tip is to use lightweight storage cases and not pack them too heavily. That way they’re easy to move around.

Sitting on the solution

Furniture with built-in storage is also a smart option. There are many different benches and footstools with storage inside available, so it’s easy finding one that looks good at the foot of your bed and matches the style of your room.

Easy DIY storage cushion

If you have an extra duvet you want to store away, try rolling it tightly in a duvet cover and tying the ends. Hey presto! You now have a nice big cushion to lean back on when you’re relaxing in bed.

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