Ide menarik dekorasi Ramadan di rumah ala IKEA

Ramadan is a sacred month for Muslims worldwide. During this period, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, expressing gratitude, introspection, and togetherness. To enhance the Ramadan spirit at home, decoration becomes an essential element. IKEA, a leading global furniture company, offers exciting ideas to celebrate Ramadan with a unique and functional style.

Choose warm color tones

Colors have a powerful emotional impact and can create the right atmosphere for Ramadan. Choose warm color tones like cream, brown, and orange to create a calm and welcoming ambiance. IKEA offers a variety of furniture and accessories in these color palettes, allowing you to create a harmonious layout throughout your home.

Create a relaxing Ramadan space

The relaxation space is the focal point during Ramadan, where family and friends gather to break their fast and worship together. Choose a comfortable sofa and a dining table that can accommodate everyone. IKEA has various modular furniture options that can be customized to fit the size and shape of your room, ensuring every corner of your home can be transformed into a comfortable and friendly space.

Beautiful iftar dining table 

The dining table is the focus during Iftar, and IKEA offers a variety of functional and stylish dining tables. Consider adding table decorations like aromatherapy candles or a flower vase with fresh flowers to add a touch of beauty during Iftar. IKEA also provides kitchenware and dining services with a stylish touch. Choose minimalist yet elegant kitchen utensils to showcase delicious dishes during Iftar. Plates, bowls, and glasses with a Scandinavian touch from IKEA can add visual appeal to your Ramadan meals.

Warm and romantic lighting 

Lighting is a crucial element in Ramadan decoration. Choose pendant lights with warm light or table lamps that can create a romantic and tranquil atmosphere. IKEA provides a variety of lighting options with modern and functional designs, offering the perfect ambiance to celebrate this holy month. Make use of the floor lamp with minimal accents that enhance the aesthetic atmosphere of the room.

Incorporate traditional accents and a tranquil prayer area

Although IKEA is known for its modern design, you can add a traditional touch to celebrate Ramadan. Choose wall decorations or carpets with ethnic or arabesque motifs to give a more authentic Ramadan feel. IKEA has a collection of decorative accessories with a global touch that can enrich the look of your home. Create a peaceful and devout prayer area by providing prayer rugs and some decorative accessories. IKEA has a collection of comfortable and easy-to-clean carpets, ensuring that your prayer area remains clean and beautiful throughout the month of Ramadan. 

IKEA-inspired Ramadan decorations can create a devout, warm, and welcoming atmosphere in your home during this holy month. By leveraging various products and creative ideas from IKEA, you can celebrate Ramadan with a unique and inspiring style. Don't forget to check the collection of Hanging lights from IKEA for adequate home lighting. May the Ramadan decoration in your home bring happiness, peace, and blessings throughout this sacred month.

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