Simple way to live fully

It is the first home for an established single who loves simplicity. It is not about being minimalist in their style, it's about living with less. Well-organised, clutter-free space is easy to keep clean and adds to wellbeing.

TV area under the stairs

The small and compact living room in this house is a place to rest after a long day out. Utilizing the room under the stairs to become a TV area with warm lighting makes the room homey and comfortable.

A room for cooking and washing

Maximize the kitchen area in a smart way. Combine kitchen and laundry can be the tip to create a simple living. This solution create a small yet functional space for cooking simple dishes.

A compact and functional bathroom

This compact bathroom comes with a clean and simple design. It has some functional storages to keep the sink area organised during a hectic morning routine. The black walls add a manly impression to this area.

A calm and organised bedroom

The bedroom with monochrome colour highlights the owner personality. The combination of wall storage creates a unique and functional wall solution.

Bring the balance in your workday

Work from home will be more comfortable in this stylish workspace. Comes with soft, monochrome colour and earthy tones, this room provides a relaxed and warm ambience.

Multifunction storage in the hallway

This hallway is perfect for an active person. Small but can occupied different kind of function. Rak di area lorong ini berfungsi sebagai tempat untuk menyimpan sepatu, jaket dan perlengkapan olahraga.

Create an oasis in the back area

The remaining space in the back area can be a comfortable relaxation area. Add a gazebo and decoration lighting to create a pleasant mood when relaxing.

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