Set the table for a private dinner party

When it’s time to celebrate, but you and your family cannot go outside since the pandemic situation, a fancy table setting at your dining room comes to rescue. Like this couple, they celebrate their (50th) golden wedding anniversary with their children at home by making a memorable private dinner party. Let’s see how they set it all up.

Choose the colour scheme

First of all, you need to determine the colour scheme. This is important to help you to choose the dinnerware, serveware or decorations, so your table setting looks harmonious.

Decorate your table with artificial flowers

Create an artificial flower arrangement as the center piece on your dining table. First, gather the flowers from different sizes and shapes, in line with the colour scheme. Prepare a vase and start flower arrangement. Use greenery for the base, then add the main point and fill the empty space with the remaining artificial flowers.

Prepare the base

You can start from prepare the runner, place mats and also place the centerpiece.Make sure that everything in line with the colour scheme.

Arrange plates and bowls for everyone

Stack plates and bowls based of different dishes from the larger to the smallest. For more appealing look, choose plates with interesting edges and alternate the colour.

Set the cutlery in five-star restaurant style

For a formal look, place your cutlery in the order that it will be used, starting from the outside. Lay forks to the left of the plate and knives and spoons to the right.

Be creative with napkins

Napkins not only use to wipe your mouth after eating, but they can also work as a beautiful complement on your dining table. Simply fold the napkin into a decoration shape and put on top of the plates or bowls.

Prepare several types of glasses

Besides food, dinner party will be even more special if you prepare several types of beverages to enjoy. Therefore, you need different types of glasses for different drinks. Put the glass on the right side to make it easier for you to reach it

Add candles and candle holders for more inviting ambience

To make the table setting even more special, you can add a few candles and candle holders. Candlelight makes the table setting look warm and beautiful. But make sure you place the candles away from the center piece for safety.

Make it personal

For finishing touch, you can create a table name card for person. Place the card on a plate or bowl along with the napkin.