Serve up dinner conveniently while watching EURO 2024 with IKEA kitchenware

Big football games like the Euro Cup are not only about the action on the pitch, but also about sharing moments with friends and family. At the watch party EURO 2024, serving a delicious and practical dinner can enhance the viewing experience together. With the right kitchen utensils, such as those offered by IKEA, you can create satisfying dishes without having to strain in the kitchen. Let's explore practical ways of serving dinner at Euro 2024 with the help of IKEA kitchen appliances.

Choosing the right kitchen appliances from IKEA

IKEA is known for providing a wide range of functional, affordable and aesthetic kitchen appliances. Before starting the watch party celebration, make sure you have chosen kitchen utensils that suit your needs. Choose a plate or bowl that is durable and easy to clean. You can choose one of the popular options at IKEA. With its simple yet elegant design, this plate or bowl is perfect for a casual dinner with friends.

In arranging drinks, make sure you have a sufficient collection of glasses and cups. Collections from IKEA provide the right choice with a variety of sizes as well as attractive designs. Starting from round, to wrapped in a touch of unique handles, you can choose everything. In addition, a watch party is incomplete without suitable cutlery. Choose a set of cutlery comfortable for you to use, of course watch party activities will be more exciting and fun.

Fast and easy food preparation

During a watch party, you might want to focus on the game rather than cooking complicated meals. Prepare a variety of fillings such as meat, cheese, vegetables and sauces. Let your guests make sandwiches or wraps according to their individual tastes. You just have to prepare the ingredients to let your guests finish the creation of the dish independently.

Serve a variety of dishes that can be eaten easily. Such as cheese, sliced meat, fruits, and nuts. Place everything in an organizer container or large plate to make it easier for guests to pick it up. Pizza is a popular choice for watch parties. You can buy frozen pizza and bake it at home, or even order pizza from a nearby restaurant. Also serve finger food such as chicken wings, onion rings, or nuggets as an addition that complements the snack during the watch party.

Practical table setting to appeal the guests

After choosing the kitchen utensils and preparing the food, the next step is to set the table in a practical but attractive way. IKEA provides a wide range of equipment that is multifunctional. For example, use a tray or baking dish to serve dishes and glasses. You can also use storage containers to organize sauces and seasonings.

Add a little touch of decoration to enhance the noble atmosphere. You can put a small flower in the centre of the table, or arrange some LED candles to provide a soft light. Make sure you provide a trash can near the watch party area. Use an easily accessible basket or litter box so that guests can easily dispose of each other's trash.

Clean up easily after the event ends

Once the watch party is done, be sure to clean the kitchen area as well as the countertop quickly and efficiently. This is beneficial so that you can get back to enjoying the game or talking to guests without having to worry about homework piling up. Take advantage of easy-to-clean kitchen utensils from IKEA, such as plates, glasses and cutlery. So you can save time and effort in cleaning after the event is over.

Well-designed IKEA kitchen appliances are not only easy to clean, but also durable. You can use the equipment continuously for the next watch party event without worrying about the maintenance problem. By following the tips above as well as taking advantage of the complete kitchen equipment from IKEA, you can serve dinner practically at EURO 2024 without having to stress in the kitchen. Enjoy precious moments with friends and family while enjoying the action from the best football players from your beloved home television.

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