Craft moments of relaxation while cleansing your body with the refreshing touch of a simple yet elegant bathroom design

The bathroom is one of the important rooms in the house that can be a place to unwind and create moments of relaxation.However, often the design of the bathroom is neglected and is considered just a place for purely functional needs. To change this view, IKEA came up with a simple but elegant bathroom design concept that can create an atmosphere of freshness and comfort. Here are interesting tips for creating moments of relaxation when cleaning yourself with the right design touches, using IKEA products.

Bathroom design concept

The concept of a simple but elegant bathroom design usually prioritizes efficient use of space. IKEA offers a wide selection of bathroom furniture and fixtures designed to maximize functionality in confined spaces. For example, hanging storage shelves, mirrored cabinets that can hold a lot of things, and sinks with hidden storage drawers. The materials used in the design of the bathroom also play an important role in creating an elegant impression.

IKEA offers a wide selection of materials, from solid wood to stainless steel. Of course, it is not only durable, but also gives a modern aesthetic touch. Simple yet elegant bathroom designs often adopt a neutral or bright color palette. Colors such as white, beige, and gray can create the impression of a larger space while being clean. IKEA has a wide selection of furniture to accessories with these colors that are suitable for creating a clean and elegant look.

IKEA products for simple but elegant bathroom design

IKEA mirror cabinets serve not only as a mirror for examining the appearance. But it also has storage drawers inside that can be used to store various toiletries in a neat and organized manner. Washbasins with a minimalist design from IKEA are also suitable for bathrooms with limited space. It comes with storage drawers underneath, so the IKEA sink can help save space and keep your bathroom clean.

Not only that, products like IKEA's hanging storage racks are also ideal for storing shampoo bottles, soaps, and other toiletries. With a practically minimalist design, this shelf can help optimize your space in the bathroom. IKEA also offers a variety of toiletries such as toilet brushes, soap containers, to tissue boxes with matching designs according to the concept of a simple but elegant bathroom.

Tips for perfecting bathroom design with IKEA

Good lighting can create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation in the bathroom. Use lights of sufficient intensity and add spotlights to highlight certain areas, such as mirrors or storage shelves. You can also combine ornamental plants as a finishing touch to add freshness and natural beauty to the bathroom. Choose plants that are suitable for humid environmental conditions and lack of sunlight. Don't forget to add decorative accessories such as colourful towels, soft bath rugs, or aromatherapy candles to create a more cozy atmosphere.

With a touch of freshness and elegant design, the bathroom is not just a place to clean yourself. But it also becomes a place to unwind and create pleasant moments of relaxation. With a wide selection of products and Inspiration offered by IKEA, creating a simple yet elegant bathroom becomes easier and more enjoyable.Let's create the right moment of relaxation with the bathroom design from IKEA!

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