Red furniture choices to welcome a prosperous and joyful Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, or Imlek, is a significant celebration in Chinese culture full of colors and joy. This tradition not only revolves around festivities but also involves preparing the home to welcome the new year with happiness. One way to infuse the spirit of Imlek into your home is through selecting furniture in the auspicious color red, symbolizing luck and joy. Let's delve into IKEA's red furniture choices that can make your home radiate with blessings and jubilation. 

Comfortable and stylish red sofa

An essential element in the living room is the sofa, and choosing a red sofa from IKEA can add an elegant Imlek touch. The burgundy EKTORP sofa is a perfect example to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Its timeless design and comfort make it an ideal choice for families celebrating Imlek with both comfort and grace. 

Lively dining table for gatherings

Choosing a red dining table can create a lively atmosphere during family and friends' gatherings throughout the Imlek celebration. The bright red TOBIAS/EKEDALEN dining table can bring a cheerful and pleasant vibe to your dining area. With a minimalist yet captivating design, this table can be the perfect centerpiece for celebrating the Chinese New Year. 

Elegant cabinet and shelving unit

Equally important is preparing the family room with a refreshing touch to welcome the Chinese New Year. In addition to the sofa, cabinet and shelving unit are crucial parts of the family room. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to choose your favorite cabinet and shelving unit only at IKEA. IKEA offers a variety of cabinet and shelving unit variants that can provide a luxurious and striking look. Equipped with ample storage space, our cabinets and shelving unit can also help maintain organization and make the family room appear neater during the celebration. 

Cool pink pillowcase

The bedroom is a place to relax and unwind after a day of preparing for the Chinese New Year celebration. Enhance your moments of rest with a light pink pillowcase from IKEA. The soothing bright pink color will immerse you in the festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year. Recharge your energy, enjoy quality moments of rest, and get ready for a vibrant Chinese New Year celebration. 

Small furnishings with a red touch

In addition to main furniture, adding small furnishings with a red touch can enhance the Imlek atmosphere throughout the house. For instance, decorative pillows, curtains, and carpets in red can bring an Imlek touch without having to replace all the furniture. Don't forget to light the VINTERFINT scented candles for tranquility after the Imlek day. IKEA offers a variety of decorative accessories in red tones that can be customized to match your personal style and preferences. 

Choosing red furniture from IKEA to welcome Imlek not only creates a vibrant and blessed atmosphere but also adds an elegant and modern touch to your home. With the sophisticated design of IKEA and the symbolic meaning of the colour red in Chinese culture, you can create a space that combines beauty and good fortune. Don't forget to check IKEA's collection of Minimalist sofa priced below 3 million for comfortable family gatherings on Imlek day. So, let's innovate and celebrate the Chinese New Year with captivating red furniture choices from IKEA.

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