5 recommendations living room sofas for comfortable & elegant

The furniture that is usually considered to be purchased at the beginning when you have a new home is a sofa. Apart from functioning as a seat for guests, the sofa also functions as the main decoration of the living room. The importance of choosing the right sofa, of course, will create a beautiful and comfortable living room. This time IKEA will provide 5 recommendations living room sofas for comfortable & elegant for those of you who need them. 

Please note, of course there are many types of sofas in market. Starting from conventional sofas made of linen or canvas, outdoor sofas made of bamboo, sofas made of leather, and of course many more. Each sofa certainly has its own function and different ways of caring for it. So that you don't get confused, we will explain each sofa starting from its material as well as tips on caring for it, from its function, as well as tips for choosing a sofa that is suitable for the main decoration of your living room. Let’s take a look! 

Type of sofa material and tips for caring for it 

When buying a sofa, one of the main things to consider is the material. Because each material has different characteristics and different care methods, this will also affect the price of the sofa itself. Let's first identify the sofa materials that are most widely sold and easy to find. 
  1. Fabric 
    Fabric sofas are one of the most popular types of sofas sold on the market. This sofa is also usually sold at a more affordable price compared to sofas made from other materials. The types of fabric used are usually linen, cotton, wool and also microfiber. Sofas made from this fabric also usually have minimalist and modern models.

    Apart from being more affordable, this sofa is considered more comfortable because it is usually covered with thick foam which makes it softer. Fabric sofas will also feel cooler when you sit on them than sofas made from other materials. Fabric material will also be easier to clean and maintain.

    However, this material is very susceptible to stains and is not waterproof. Fabric materials also often become a place for dust to accumulate and cause allergies in family members. Some fabrics also require intensive care so that the color and quality remain durable and maintained.

    Some tips for caring for fabric sofas: 
    - Use a vacuum cleaner regularly to remove stuck dust 
    - If any colored food or drink spills onto the sofa, immediately wipe it with a clean cloth or tissue to absorb the liquid 
    - Use a sofa protector to avoid direct sun exposure, dust and dirt so that it doesn't stick directly to the sofa 
    - Don't forget to wash removable sofa covers and pillowcases regularly 
    - Use professional maintenance services regularly to clean the sofa completely down to the deepest part and so that the color of the fabric is maintained. 
  2. Leather material 
    If fabric sofas are famous for their affordable prices, leather sofas are famous for their expensive prices and luxurious-looking designs. However, many also sell sofas made from synthetic leather as an alternative to leather sofas at a more affordable price. 

    Apart from its luxurious and elegant design, leather sofas also have other advantages which make them quite expensive, including; more durable, relatively easy to maintain, does not absorb dust, is stain resistant, and is also resistant to extreme temperatures. Leather sofas also have a distinctive aroma that creates a luxurious and exclusive atmosphere in the room. 

    Some tips for caring for a leather sofa: 
    - Wipe the sofa regularly with a clean cloth 
    - If a liquid spills, clean it immediately and avoid using excess chemical liquids 
    - Avoid sofas with direct sunlight 
    - Also use skin conditioner treatment if necessary 
  3. Wood and bamboo materials 
    Next is a sofa made of wood or bamboo which is usually used in open spaces. However, sofas made from this material are of course also suitable for indoors because they give a beautiful natural feel. Sofas made from this material are also more environmentally friendly because of course they can be recycled. 

    Apart from being environmentally friendly, you can also update the appearance of a sofa made from this material by repainting the sofa in the desired color. Just like leather, bamboo or wooden sofas also do not absorb dust so they are suitable for those of you who are allergic to dust. Wooden or bamboo sofas are of course also lighter than sofas from other materials. 

    Here are some tips for caring for wooden or bamboo sofas: 
    - Clean the sofa with a clean cloth regularly 
    - Avoid placing the sofa in a damp place or exposed to direct sunlight. It is best to place the sofa in a dry place with good air circulation 
    - Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean the sofa 
    - Use protective fluid for wood and bamboo if necessary 
  4. Metal material 
    Lastly there is a sofa made of metal. Sofas made from this material are usually used for outdoor or open spaces. Different from wooden or bamboo sofas which give a natural feel, metal sofas give a more modern impression. Sofas made from this material are also considered more durable because the metal material is strong. 

    Another advantage of this material is that it is resistant to quite extreme weather. Apart from that, this metal sofa frame is also quite light so it is easy to move. However, you need to be careful when moving it because it can make a rattling sound when it rubs against the floor surface. You also need to add cushions to the sofa so that when you sit it feels more comfortable. 

    Here are some tips for caring for metal sofas: 
    - Wipe the sofa with a clean cloth regularly with a cloth so that it is free from dust and if it is exposed to rain, immediately wipe the sofa from the remaining rainwater to prevent corrosion 
    - Consider applying anti-rust paint or coating to prevent corrosion and rust 
    - Avoid placing the sofa in a damp place and try to place the sofa in a dry place 

Recommendations for a comfortable and elegant living room sofa according to its function

So, below, we will recommend the most widely used, comfortable and elegant living room sofas to fill your living room to make it even more beautiful. 
  1. Conventional sofa 
    This is a standard type of sofa used for sitting. This sofa usually consists of several types, ranging from one seat, two seats, to three seats. This conventional sofa is also often sold in a set with a table as additional decoration to fill your living room. Below is an example of a conventional two-seater sofa from IKEA. 
  1. Sectional or corner sofa 
    Secondly there are corner sofas which consist of parts that can be rearranged, often at an angle, so that they can be adapted to the shape of the room. You can be creative by arranging the sofa according to what you want. Here is an example of a corner sofa from IKEA. 
  1. Sofa bed 
    Just like its name, a sofa bed is a sofa that can be converted into a bed to provide additional sleeping space. This could be an option for those of you who have limited room, so that when guests want to stay overnight, this sofa can be used as a bed for guests. This is an example of a sofa bed from IKEA.  
  1. Chaise lounge sofa 
    This type of sofa allows you to relax comfortably. This chaise lounge sofa is usually sold individually or as a set like the corner sofa type. This sofa is suitable for those of you who like to watch or just rest at the weekend to spend time at home. Here is a chaise lounge sofa from IKEA.  
  1. Exterior sofa 
    This type of sofa is usually intended for outdoor decoration and is usually made of metal, bamboo or wood. However, you can still use this type of sofa for the living room if you like a natural feel. As the name suggests, this sofa will be very suitable for those of you who have an outdoor living room and like to do activities or just relax outside to breathe fresh air. Here is one of the exterior sofas from IKEA that could be your choice.

Tips for choosing a sofa that is suitable for the main decoration of the living room 

So, after knowing the type of sofa, its function, how to care for it according to the material, and product recommendations, now we will share some tips for you when buying a sofa so that it is suitable and doesn't make the wrong choice. 
  • Selection of colors and patterns 
    You can choose colors that contrast or match the walls, floor and other living room furniture. If the room already has a lot of patterns, consider a sofa with a plain and solid color. 
  • Consider size and proportion 
    Pay attention to the size of the living room and make sure the sofa you choose fits its proportions. Avoid choosing a sofa that is too big or too small for the room. Also consider the height and depth of the sofa for your comfort. 
  • Choose a design according to the theme 
    Choose a sofa design that matches the style of your living room. For example, a modern sofa with clean, sleek lines for a contemporary living room, or a sofa with classic details for a classic-style living room. Also pay attention to design details such as sofa legs, arm shapes, and ornaments. This detail can enrich the style of the living room. 
  • Ensure comfort 
    Apart from style, make sure the sofa provides adequate comfort. Choose a model that suits your seating preferences, such as a soft sofa or a sofa with good back support. 
  • Try it first 
    If possible, try sitting or lying on the sofa in the store before purchasing. This helps you feel comfortable and ensures that it fits your preferences. 
So, those are the various recommendations for sofas for your living room to make it more beautiful and elegant. Hopefully this article can be a guide for those of you who are looking for a sofa. Or have you decided on a sofa from the recommended choices above? If not, let's find a sofa that suits your style. Explore other options here!  

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