Productive in a playful space

Ideal for young and stylish entrepreneurs, this space is both playful and warm. Without being childish, the playful look uses bright colors mixed with pastel bases. This joyful atmosphere can boost up creativity and productivity in the studio or workspace. Bold and graphic patterns that are used as accents all around the space also gives an inspiring youthful touch.

Perfect space to take a break

The living room is filled with neutral and topped with playful colours for a fun and relaxing break after work or even in a day off.

It's time for a quick lunch

The kitchen is perfect for two who prioritize time and sanitation. The extendable table works as a 2-side kitchen island for dine on time.

A bright shared bathroom

The bathroom uses neutral colour with a hint of bright red. The mirror cabinet can be used to hide private belongings, whilst the exposed shelving unit can be filled with some quick grab bathroom essentials, just perfect for a shared bathroom.

When you need a quick nap

Bright colours are used to liven up the room. The extra chair and stool for lying down can be used for a quick nap at any time of the day, perfect for busy entrepreneurs.

The space that is designed to work together

The working area is just enough for a focused, working without distraction. The side-by-side arrangement allows some room for discussion without too much distraction from the other party.

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