Precious time of togetherness

Big house for big family. This 169 m² interior design idea is suitable for a large family with many children. Combining dark colors and wood accents can create a luxurious warm accents. Neutral colors are easily combined with various furniture materials so that the final look is harmonious.

A space that accommodates a big family

Choosing furnitures for a big family can be tricky. In this living room, comfort comes first. Choosing a sofa with a chaise lounge can be the right choice to provide lots of space for the whole family.

There is room for everyone

This kitchen is the heart of the home and a natural meeting point for the family. Choosing extendables table can provide plenty of room for all. Closed kitchen cabinet can be a way to avoid messy houses.

Luxurious bathroom for a big family

A touch of dark colour makes the atmosphere of this bathroom looks more luxurious. As a tips, you can maximize every inch of the wall by putting storage cabinets to keep the bathroom organized and neat.

One room for many activities

This master bedroom served many functions in 1 room. A place to relax, a space to work casually or read your favorite book, dedicated space for baby, and a place to get ready. To make the room more functional, choose furniture that suits the size of the room and can maximise every corner of the space well.

A modern and minimalist guest room

Modern and minimalist bedroom for special guest to sleep over. A curved upholstered bed create a cozy moment in bed. The velvet upholstery feels soft against the skin and has a beautiful lustre.

A bedroom for a gamer

Bedroom can be a personal space to express yourself. This bedroom has a gaming corner with a gaming desk and chair to spend the day enjoying gaming hobby with comfort and fun.

A bedroom that supports the child's growth

A comfortable and safe children bedroom becomes important to support the child's growth, especially to help the child learn to do everything on their own. Using furniture that is appropriate for the child's age can help them to be more independent but keep them safe when they wants to explore every corner of their room.

Enjoy a cosy afternoon with family

The outdoor area can be a great place to spend time with family. Choosing a modular outdoor sofa with cushion can be a perfect way to add the comfort of gathering while enjoying the afternoon.

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