Perfect place for an urban single living

This compact apartment should be perfect for those who seek a place near the CBD. It provides small but effective workspace balanced with comfortable resting space. Simple and functional furniture with warm light color creates a clean cozy atmosphere for single living. Vivid yellow as accents, complementing an earthy palette, also gives a fresh touch.

Make the most of limited space

This kitchen ensures that the occupant have enough space to store all their cooking and eating utensils by using a variety of storage solutions. There is a table that can be folded as a space-saving dining area.

Natural-looking bathroom

When you walk into this bathroom, you can already feel the relaxing vibe. The bathroom is filled with natural elements and uses open shelving for easier and more effective bathroom activities.

Make the room feel more spacious

This area is used by occupant to rest and work. Wall storage solutions are utilized to save space. A large mirror was added to create the impression of a wider space.

Maximise the vertical area

When space is limited, make the most of the wall space. Wall shelves can be used as a beautiful decoration as well as a space-saving storage solution.

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