Outdoor furniture maintenance guide

Spending time outdoors? Daydream, chit-chat, cat nap and savour delicious flavours. You don’t worry about the quality of your outdoor furniture, because we’ve done all the thinking and researching for you. From choosing durable materials to adding extra protection against the elements. Just enjoy!
Easy-care furniture materials
Aluminium, plastic, plastic rattan and steel are maintenance-free outdoor furniture materials. Just make sure to keep the pieces clean with a mild soapy solution. Cover or store them away at the end of the season in a cool, dry place like a garage, carport or basement – especially plastic and plastic rattan pieces that can crack in freezing temperatures.

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Little-extra-care furniture materials
Acacia, eucalyptus and other solid woods usually require a little care from time to time. Clean with a mild soapy solution, cover when not in use. All our wooden outdoor furniture is pre-treated with stain or paint. We recommend re-staining to prevent cracking and extend its lifetime. How often you re-stain depends on location, usage and exposure to the elements. For example, furniture in open air needs re-staining when raindrops are absorbed instead of forming small beads. If painted furniture begins to flake or look worn, repaint or touch up with paint for outdoor use.
Care for parasols
Fold your parasol when not in use. Parasols typically need a thorough cleaning only once a year. Follow the wash label. We recommend protection from dirt, dust, pollen and rain with a TOSTERÖ cover and storing in a cool, dry place indoors. Ensure it’s dry before covering.

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Care for gazebos
Always remove the gazebo roof in windy conditions or heavy rain. Clean regularly, outside and inside. Follow the wash label. Regularly re-stain a wooden gazebo frame to prevent cracks. A steel frame is easier to care for with a mild soapy solution. Before storing, clean the fabric and let it dry thoroughly and store in a cool, dry place. TOSTERÖ storage bags or box can be used for the gazebo roof and curtains.

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Care for cushions and pads
To extend the life of your outdoor cushions and pads, clean them regularly. Store away when not in use, preferably in a cool, dry place indoors. TOSTERÖ storage bags and box helps keep them in shape. Ensure the cushions are completely dry before closing the bag or box.

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