Our first apartment

This apartment is perfect for newlyweds who decide to live near the city center. Despite the space is limited, the furnishings and room layout can accommodate all of your and your partner's needs. This apartment's minimalist style is also perfectly suited to a modern urban lifestyle.

Make the most of the storage space

The living area contains many exposed area that are flexible to use. The TV storage unit can be filled with decorations or containers for items that do not really want to be shown.

A compact, modern kitchen

This compact kitchen feels modern with the combination of transparent doors and solid doors. So you can instantly take the goods you were looking for while still making it organized. Don't forget to add a step stool to make it easier for you to reach the highest cabinet.

Privacy in a shared bathroom

Even a married couple still need to put their bathroom belongings separately. A two door cabinet and additional storage allow you and your partner to have your own space for each other needs.

Work together from home

When you and your partner both work from home. The working area allows the couple to store their belongings separately while going through daily to-do list.

A bedroom for the new chapter of your life

The bedroom is designed for newlyweds with a few but growing belongings, thus anticipated with some shelves that can hold decorations or even functional belongings later.

Our interior designers are here to help

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