Organising your bedroom storage

A well-organised bedroom is the key to quality rest time. Make sure your favorite collections have their own place and easy to find when needed. Check out our ideas for organising your bedroom storage.
Choose the storage that fits your need. With closed storage you can easily hide things out of sight. Open storage or storage with glass doors gives you the possibility to put favorite items up for display.
Clothes that are stored well require less care and are easier to find, which saves valuable time. Boxes and organisers keep things dust free and maximize space.
Maximize your clothes rail for different needs, use two  rails to hang shorter items, use one for long dresses. If you need extra space for folded clothes, use hanging storage on your rails.
Multi-use hangers with separate sections are perfect for scarves, gloves, belts and more. Use smart hanger that holds multiple pairs of trousers. Saves space in the wardrobe.
Why not having a chest of drawer as a bedside table? More space on top to have lighting, books or other items you like to have close by the bed.
Have drawer dividers or small compartments in drawers to organise socks and underwear. Organise in your usual dressing routine. Place the things used less often in the bottom drawers. 
Choosing products with a double function are smart for saving space. Like a footstool or bench  with storage. You can sit on it when getting dressed and it gives you more storage.
Use the space underneath the bed for extra storage. Underbed storage boxes or drawers for storing extra quilts and pillows. 
Hooks are a cheap, smart and easy way to create more storage. They don’t take much space! Hang semi-clean, in-house or sleeping clothes ready for next use. Utilize your door for hanging hooks.
If you are limited on space for bedside table, utilize your bedhead to put your books, laptop support or phone on hanging pockets.

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