Now you see it, now you don’t: smart storage in a small home

All the lovely things you’d have if only you had more space! Well, the good news is that you don’t have to cut back if you’re living in a small home – you merely need to start thinking in terms of storage, multipurpose furniture and clever space savers. Let’s take a look at some ideas to get you going.

Make the most of your hallway

The hallway can easily become a repository for all the things we don‘t quite know what to do with, but it’s also the first part of our home most guests see. In this apartment, the walls in their entirety have been used with closed shoe cabinets and open shelves to attractively organise a handbag collection.

A sofa for hidden but accessible storage

Every home has those daily items that don’t really go with the look of the space. A sofa with storage is a sneaky way to house these things, keeping them in reach but totally hidden when not in use.

Storage boxes from top to bottom

If you’ve got a collection of any kind, invest time in designing a storage system for it. In this home, shoe storage lives on the otherwise forgotten uppermost section of the bedroom wall, above the wardrobes. A mix of transparent and labelled storage boxes give each pair their own place.

Under bed storage on wheels

No home is complete without a cosy place to rest one’s head, but just think about all the real estate below. Wheelable under bed storage is the key to optimising that space – easy to roll in and out as you need it.

Easy access kitchen storage

A common storage mistake comes down to placement. If you use things regularly, make them as easy to find as can be. In this kitchen, dry ingredients are housed in glass in a cupboard, locatable at a glance. Daily items like coffee, tea and cereal, live in plain sight on open shelves just above the worktop.

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