Now trending: velvet is in vogue!

Design for the senses

For the latest STOCKHOLM sofa, designer Ola Wihlborg worked with velvet. ‘It’s the only time I’ve made a sofa where I knew the material before the shape! We chose velvet for its welcoming feel. It’s a sofa for the whole family – people think that velvet isn’t durable, but my family and I have lived with it since the home-testing phase. It still looks great and is just as soft on the skin.’

‘We’re much closer to the feeling of objects in a home. Outside, we see things every day and pass them by. In our living rooms, we interact with pieces, touching and moving them’

Ola Wihlborg, designer of the STOCKHOLM 2017 sofa

Affordable luxury

Centuries ago, velvet was produced as a high-end fabric using silk fibres. Now, you don’t need royal status to own it. The cotton-velvet blend that IKEA uses is more affordable (and sustainable), so it’s easier than ever to collect small pieces, such as cushions, and update furniture you already have. ‘Velvet works perfectly with hard materials like metal and wood,’ says Ola.

Depth in colour

Deep blue, ochre yellow, crimson… We love how this season’s rich colour palette looks in velvet. It’s all to do with the construction of the fabric – fibres are closely woven between two layers and sliced through the centre for a short, dense pile and reflective sheen. So an armchair may be all you need to make a statement. As Ola says: ‘Velvet works just as well in solitary.’

Practical qualities

And it’s not just the look and feel that has velvet at the top of our wishlist this winter. When used for curtains, the heavyweight fabric provides heat-insulating qualities, as well as better privacy and sound-proofing. What’s not to love about a more stylish and eco-friendly living room?
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