Model home design for millennials

Located in the residential area of Podomoro Park Bandung, this 73m2 house showcases a modern and simple design. The open layout creates a spacious and interconnected feel, perfect for millennials seeking their first home. With IKEA's new interior design service, you can now turn your dream home into a reality. Take a glimpse at a prototype house expertly designed by IKEA's team of interior designers, which maximizes its limited space through clever utilization of multifunctional furniture and efficient storage solutions.

Perfect oasis for relax together

It is crucial to prioritize the selection of furniture for small living spaces. By opting for multifunctional furniture that caters to diverse requirements, it's possible to maintain proper airflow in the area. For instance, the LANDSKRONA 2-seater sofa in a soft pastel green color complements the darker elements of the room. Additionally, the VITTSJÖ table serves not only as an entertainment surface for guests but also doubles as a practical laptop table, facilitating work-from-home activities

There are always room for all

The kitchen and dining area in this house might be limited in size, but with the proper solutions there will be no problem at all. Using TOMMARYD table and BENGTERIK bar stools with a light and airy design so the room doesn’t look cramped. Then added a KALLFRONT chandelier to enhance the room. The kitchen has plenty of storage to make sure everything is kept in its place, organised and easy to reach when needed.

For a restful, quality sleep

The master bedroom is optimally designed to provide comfort and better quality sleep. Using soft, natural colours and some soothing dark colours as the accents. Equipped with many storage solutions such as a modular wardrobe which can be adjusted according to your needs, a chest of drawers, and storage under the bed. MALM bed frames with storage boxes help maximize in-room storage solutions, as well as other storage solutions such as customizable modular wardrobes.

Accessories such as the FRÖTORP side table, NYMÅNE wall lamp, and BUSSFIL rug make the bedroom area even more comfortable.

A space designed with children’s needs in mind

The child bedroom is a space for everything: sleeping, studying, playing and growing up. Equipped with storage solutions to accommodate all the needs. The sleeping area uses a BUSUNGE bed that can be extended as needed and can grow together with your child. For the study area, using an ergonomic ÖRFJÄLL children chair to support your child’s health and FLISAT wall shelves to store the book collection.

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