Minimalist kitchen set design for 2020

Minimalist kitchen set design
Kitchen is a very important area in your home. Nowadays, kitchen is not only serve as a place for cooking, but also a center for various other activities, namely eating and entertain guests who visit your house. Then what about you who have a limited size of kitchen space but still want to function it as much as possible?

The following are some minimalist kitchen set designs that can be inspiring and can be adjusted for your home:

1. Single line / straight shaped kitchen set

If you have a house with a very limited sized kitchen area, the minimalist kitchen set design with single line / straight type is very appropriate for your kitchen. This model is usually applied in a small sized minimalist home or in an apartment with kitchen space of around 2.5m x 2.5m.
The form of minimalist kitchen set that follows the length of the room makes this kitchen really save space, and flexible to be applied to various forms of space. So that all the kitchen functions you need are fulfilled in the kitachen set, you can choose to place the kitchen set on the longer side of the room. However, the limited size of the space will make activity in your kitchen set also limited. You cannot use cooking utensils that are too complex due to limited space of storage, but you can utilize the backsplash area on the wall to hang kitchen utensils. Those tools can be placed on the backsplash by adding magnetic stripe or attaching hangers for kitchen accessories.

2. Double line/parallel shaped kitchen set

Minimalist kitchen design in the form of double line / parallel has 2 opposite cabinets. This form is suitable to be applied if you have a room that is stretched out, for example having a window or a door at the end of the hall, if you want to apply a kitchen set in this model, make sure that the space between the 2 cabinets must match in the right ergonomic size.

When you have a limited space, you must look carefully. Take advantage of the backsplash wall area and walls in other existing cabinets as an additional place to put more storages. Cooking utensils, cooking ingredients and dried spices that you use frequently can be placed in a storage wall so that they are more easily accessible when they are used.

3. L-shaped kitchen set

This kitchen uses the letter L-shape. This type of kitchen makes use of the corner space in your home. This model is the most common and favorite to use because it is considered as the most functional and relatively inexpensive. For those of you who like cooking activities that are somewhat complex, it would be very appropriate to use this kitchen design because it can facilitate the flow of activities so you can do cooking activities freely. 
In addition, the minimalist kitchen set design of this model is relatively more comfortable to be applied in a narrow kitchen space. You can also apply kitchen work triangle so you can move in more dynamically. This model have more storage area. Place the refrigerator next to the cabinet so it is close to the dining area and easily accessible at all times.

4. U-shaped kitchen set

This kitchen set with an U-shape is a combination of L-shaped with double lines kitchen set. With the shape of this kitchen, you can provide a comfortable space because of its large size. Work area for preparing food is also extensive. It is suitable if you have a rather large kitchen area. This kitchen set design can accommodate more space to store various kitchen utensils and easy access to your equipment during the cooking process. This type of kitchen is right for you who really like to cook.

5. G-shaped kitchen set

If you have a fairly large kitchen area, try applying a minimalist kitchen set with the shape of G. Minimalist kitchen set design in this shape resembles the model of kitchen set U but with a larger size. Kitchen with this form looks functional because it has a service area for preparing food that is larger in size and also a place to store cooking utensils, cooking ingredients, more spices. You will be very free to do various complex cooking activities.

6. Kitchen island

This kitchen set design uses minimalist kitchen set with an island shape, or commonly called a kitchen island. This model is quite attractive to many people because the island table located in the middle of the room can be the main focus of various activities in the kitchen, such as preparing food ingredients for cooking, and you can even add a bar-shaped dining area. Perfect in terms of the appearance and also in function.
To create a kitchen set design like this, you need a rather large room because it needs more storage. But if you have limited space, don’t worry because you can still apply the minimalist kitchen set design of this model by arranging it carefully.
Although the application of minimalist kitchen set design in this model requires a relatively large space, but you can make it happen by utilizing the kitchen area efficiently. Concentrate on the main activities like washing and cooking on the island in the middle of the room. The surface area of the cabinet can be used as a place for preparing food, storing food ingredients and herbs.

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Writer: Ayu Nindyakirana