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How to maximise the space of a condominium with two bedrooms

The main idea of ​​this two bedroom condominium design is to combine the right ornaments and decorative elements in a limited space. Gold and dark blue accents make the room in this condo look luxurious and elegant.

A cosy feeling in a limited space

The combination of decorative elements and the right furniture makes this limited dining area feel comfortable. The dining room also looks beautiful using colours that match the living room, while the gold accents on furniture adds a luxurious and exclusive impression to the room.

Functional and aesthetic living area

Choosing the right colour makes the living room look so luxurious and impressive. Not only good to look at, this room is also comfortable since it's equipped with functions that accommodate your needs.

Space-saving kitchen design idea

For kitchen area, good organising and good furniture are needed to meet your cooking needs. Wall storage accessories helps you to organise your kitchen utensils, while the firm and solid front door colour strengthens the impression of this kitchen.

Make the most of a limited-space bedroom

There are many ways to make a small bedroom looks spacious, airy, comfortable, and visually appealing. By choosing the right furniture size, you can maximise the space and function, even you can add a work area in this bedroom. The key is choose and use what is really needed, that's why it's better to get a multifunctional furniture.

Turn a small bathroom into a cosy and tidy relaxing area

Organising with the right storage is the most practical way to create a comfortable and neat bathroom interior. A storage with mirror is perfect to maximise a limited space.

A comfortable and safe bedroom for your little one

The idea of this bedroom is comfortable and creative, for any children activities . Not only good to look at, this bedroom also uses furniture and accessories that are safe and suitable for children.

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