Let’s get creative: a welcoming apartment

From lively, imaginative days spent with children, to sophisticated evenings entertaining guests, this apartment slips between activities with the greatest of ease. It all comes down to adaptable spaces, a deep sense of order and a passion for taking care of others.

A relaxation-first living room

Is there anything quite as inviting as a large, snuggly sofa? Surrounded by stylish, varied armchairs with a coffee table and display cabinet both within arm’s reach, there is always a spot to settle and a book to be enjoyed in this home’s welcoming living area.

A change of tone

Tonally distinct, this mocha-shaded corner is dedicated to music. Records and music biographies live in woodfinished, wall-mounted cubes, surrounding a luxurious leather armchair - ideal for listening sessions.

A kitchen that’s always at the ready

The joy of a storage-centric kitchen is that surfaces can be left completely clear and ready for any activity. With cupboards and drawers housing everything one could possibly need, a day spent baking is always just a decision away.

The adaptable dining area

Surrounded by dynamic, transparent-backed chairs (and a comfy junior chair, of course!) a generous dining table works throughout the day from fun, inventive activities like drawing and BYGGLEK LEGO building, to tastefully laid dinner parties.

Storing glassware

William Morris once said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Rather than hiding away the dinnerware and glassware usually saved for best, a glass-fronted cabinet near the dining table makes it all more accessible and easy to admire.

A bedroom for lazy Sundays

Much like the living room, the bedroom is inviting and cosy, but rather than catering for guests, the focus here is calm, comfortable privacy. A more muted colour palette helps to shift the mood, with a plush, decadently dressed bed welcoming one in for a restful night’s sleep.

A colourful, bold look in the home

When it comes to home furnishing, bolder looks can feel a little daunting to pull off. In reality, an expressive interior with a big impact can be achieved in a few, easy steps.

A sanctuary for long, luxurious baths

While some bathrooms are designed for quick and easy mornings, this space has been set up for long soaks. A stool with magazine storage means there is always something fun to read while lying amongst the bubbles, and drawers and cupboards keep all products as organised and accessible as can be.

Feeling inspired? Then get the look!

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