It’s all start in the bedroom

Having a good quality, restful sleep will create better days ahead. IKEA Interior Design Service designed two bedrooms in this house, the master bedroom and the child bedroom, providing all the owners’ needs and dreams.

For a peace of mind

Using light, neutral colours combined with wood finish, this room feels calm and warm. The bedroom size is 24m2 with rectangular shape, divided into two zones, sleeping and dressing areas. The wardrobe using the same colour as the wall making it look so seamless. The space in front of the wardrobe is used for praying. For a more productive and feel refresh during work, the working table, which multipurpose as a vanity to maximise the use of space, is placed near the window with the view of the greenery outside.

Organised and functional

To maximise the use of space, the bed has underbed storage to store extra or unused stuff, like bed sheets, throws, pillowcases, cushion covers, and other beddings. The bed is equipped with two bedside tables and lamps for mood lightings. Large curtains and vitrase that could absorb the heat are used to create a comfortable and a more privacy to the room.

Safe haven for little one

This 28m2 children bedroom is divided into three zones, sleeping, study, dressing + small play area. All the furniture in this room using children products which are very safe and perfectly accommodating her activities in this room. Pink and white colours dominating, with bold blue and turquoise accentuate the space creating a fun and playful feel.

The right furniture

Bring the joy of playing and learning into the bedroom by providing furniture that really suitable to child’s needs. Use desk and chair which can grow together as the children grow. The desk is adjustable at different heights and has a shelving system attached for storing books, art & craft tools that frequently used. The chair height is easy to adjust and very comfortable. The wardrobe and toy storage are using modular furniture for flexibility.

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