Installment services at IKEA Indonesia: easy shopping with installments

IKEA, as one of the world's leading furniture and home decor stores, not only offers high-quality products but also various payment options that make it convenient for consumers. One of the sought-after options by customers is the installment service, allowing them to pay in installments according to their financial capabilities.

Installment options at IKEA Indonesia

Generally, IKEA Indonesia provides installment options through collaboration with specific financial institutions. Customers can take advantage of this installment program for various products, ranging from furniture to home decor items. This installment option provides flexibility to consumers, especially those who want to decorate their homes with IKEA style without having to pay the full amount upfront.

Installment application process

  1. Choose IKEA Products: Firstly, choose the desired IKEA products and ensure that the products are eligible for installment. Some products or special offers may have specific requirements.
  2. Installment Information: Get complete information about the IKEA installment program. This includes interest rates, installment periods, and other requirements. Make sure to understand all terms before applying for installment.
  3. Application Process: The installment application process is usually done at the IKEA store or through the online platform provided by the partner financial institution. Fill out the installment application form accurately and completely.
  4. Installment Approval: After submitting the application, the financial institution will assess your eligibility for installment. This process involves a credit check and verification of your financial information.
  5. Installment Payments: If your application is approved, you can start making installment payments according to the agreement. Ensure to read the payment terms and conditions carefully.

Benefits of using IKEA installment services

  1. Financial Flexibility: Installment services provide financial flexibility to consumers, allowing them to own IKEA products without paying the full amount upfront.
  2. Affordable Payments: With payments spread over a specific period, installments make IKEA products more affordable for various income groups.
  3. Wide Range of Product Choices: Consumers can have more freedom in choosing products that suit their tastes and needs without being burdened by a one-time payment.

0% credit card installments

IKEA offers flexible payment options, allowing you to easily and affordably have your dream furniture for your home. Applicable for a minimum purchase value in a single receipt. The 0% credit card installment program is only valid for VISA and MASTERCARD owners from BCA, Mandiri, BRI, PermataBank, UOB, BNI, CIMB Niaga, DBS, and Danamon.

Installment without a credit card using Kredivo

Kredivo is an instant credit solution that provides you the convenience to buy now and pay later within 30 days without interest or with installments for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Installment services at IKEA Indonesia offer a practical financial solution for consumers who want to transform or enhance their home layout with high-quality products. Before using installment services, make sure to understand all terms and conditions to ensure your shopping experience remains enjoyable and aligns with your financial plans.

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