In addition to Swedish meatballs, here are some menu options at IKEA

Who doesn't love Swedish Meatballs? This classic dish from IKEA is indeed incredibly delicious. However, did you know that IKEA offers a variety of other dishes that are equally tempting? Let's explore some options you can enjoy besides Swedish Meatballs at IKEA.

Grilled salmon with creamy lemon sauce

Grilled salmon with creamy lemon sauce is one of the most popular dishes at IKEA. Fresh salmon is perfectly grilled and served with a smooth lemon cream sauce. Its fresh and savoury taste makes this dish a favourite for many.

Bali-style grilled chicken

Bali-style seasoned grilled chicken is an Indonesian grilled chicken dish you can find at IKEA. Fresh chicken is grilled with Bali's signature spices and served with white rice and spicy sambal. If Indonesian-flavoured food is your favourite, Bali-style grilled chicken from IKEA is the right choice for you.

Pasta with plant-based beef bolognese

For vegetarians, IKEA has you covered. Pasta with plant-based beef bolognese or veggie balls is a delicious and healthy choice. Made from quality plant-based ingredients, this dish will satisfy your palate without any guilt.

Australian prime sirloin steak with creamy black pepper sauce

You can also enjoy prime beef steak from Australia at IKEA. Perfectly grilled and served with a delicious creamy black pepper sauce, this steak will pamper your taste buds. With an affordable price, you can indulge in this luxurious dish without breaking the bank.

Not only main courses, but at IKEA, you can also find a variety of tasty appetizers like grilled chicken legs and sausages. Additionally, don't forget to try the fresh and healthy salad variations.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit IKEA now and enjoy the various delicious dishes available.

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