IKEA storage solutions for practical and efficient Eid preparation

As Eid approaches, what can you do? Certainly, the main thing you can do is to organize your home to make it tidier. Organizing your home isn't just about cleaning every room and rearranging the layout of various furniture pieces; it's also about storing your belongings so they don't clutter up and make your home look messy. Often, due to the sheer volume of items belonging to you and other family members, efforts to put these items back in place are overlooked. Once they are stored away, you and other family members often forget where certain items are when needed. Quite frustrating, isn't it? Don't worry, IKEA has the solution for you. IKEA provides a variety of open, closed, and integrated storage products. Curious about what products they offer? Let's explore the following review.

Storage boxes and various shelf variants

When storing your belongings and those of other family members, it's not enough to just store them. Storing a number of items must also be organized so you always remember where an item is stored, and when that item is needed, you don't have to spend a long time searching for it. Therefore, IKEA offers innovative storage solutions for you, namely storage boxes and open or closed shelves.

You can start by grouping the items in your home by type, use, or even by the owner. This is where IKEA storage boxes can help you. Store the items you've grouped into several storage boxes. You can also label the storage boxes to make it easier to remember what type of items are stored in each storage box. IKEA offers storage box products in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors that make it easy to choose according to your needs and aesthetic preferences to add decorative touches to every room. Made of quality plastic or wood, IKEA storage boxes can be relied upon for a long time.

Then, where can you organize and store these storage boxes? Various variants of open and closed shelves from IKEA can be a perfect complement to storage boxes. After finishing storing items at home in each storage box, you can then organize the storage boxes on several shelves. IKEA provides open and closed shelves that you can choose according to your needs. If storing household accessories or accessories, you can choose open shelves for easy and flexible access. However, if used to store valuables, you can choose closed shelves equipped with locking keys. IKEA shelves are available in a variety of sizes, storage formats, and colors that will provide you with flexibility when choosing according to your needs and room aesthetics. The minimalist and modular design makes it easy for you to arrange the layout, as well as practical when assembling them. IKEA shelves are suitable for placement in every room, from the living room, guest room, to the kitchen.

Minimalist and elegant shoe racks

When Eid arrives, make sure your beloved shoe collection isn't cluttered. It's important to organize and store shoes neatly so that your home looks pleasant, especially since many people will visit your home during open houses. IKEA provides practical solutions for organizing and storing your favorite shoes, one of which is high-quality wooden shoe racks. IKEA's wooden shoe racks are the right choice for placement in limited space areas because they come in various size variants and storage formats, and their minimalist design. Not only flexible as a shoe storage place, but the elegant and natural wood fiber design also adds aesthetics to your room.

IKEA also provides outdoor shoe racks that can be flexibly placed in outdoor areas. These shoe racks are perfect for organizing shoes or sandals from guests who come to your home during open houses, so that the outdoor area remains neatly organized and guests don't have trouble finding their shoes or sandals after visiting. These outdoor shoe racks are also suitable for daily use thanks to their modular design, so storage space on the racks can be added or reduced as needed. Made of powder-coated steel, these shoe racks have good quality and durability.


To make Eid more solemn and joyful, you must start the day with a good mood and spirit, and it all starts from your bedroom. In the bedroom, you will prepare yourself with the best Eid clothing choices. Make this moment flow smoothly without confusion due to messy clothes. That's why IKEA provides a variety of wardrobe options to perfect your Eid moments. There are various storage formats, ranging from two-door wardrobes, three-door wardrobes, to wardrobes with integrated drawer storage that you can choose according to your needs. Divider or separator features in the wardrobe's interior area can also be adjusted to support your flexibility in arranging and storing your clothes. Coming with minimalist and modern designs, they will make you smile every time you look at them.

Integrated storage spaces

IKEA, with its innovative thinking, always strives to provide quality and functional products that can provide practicality and comfort for its loyal customers. IKEA incorporates integrated storage spaces into various furniture products, ranging from family room and living room sofas, sofa tables, beds or mattresses, TV cabinets, and many other furniture pieces. You can take advantage of the integrated storage spaces on sofas and beds or mattresses to store bedspreads and pillows along with their pillowcases, storage spaces on sofa tables to store magazines or newspapers. TV cabinets with hidden cable storage will give a clean look, and the integrated drawer storage can be used to store remote controls, game consoles, and other electronic devices. Integrated storage spaces found in IKEA furniture products become a solution-oriented feature in organizing and storing items in your home.

A number of IKEA storage solutions will provide you with convenience and practicality in organizing every area of your home, making the Eid celebration more comfortable and warming in togetherness. Not only functional, the various storage products offered by IKEA also have a modern minimalist design that will make your heart happy every time you look at them. Explore the various variants of IKEA Open shelf for organized and tidy organization in welcoming a blessed Eid.

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