IKEA Restaurant: Your one-stop shop for food, furniture, and fun!

Want to experience a fun and unique dining experience? IKEA restaurants are the perfect choice for family gatherings from kids to parents. You can enjoy a diverse menu of Swedish specialties, local food and even specially cooked menus for vegans. The dining venues at IKEA are divided into three, which are the IKEA Restaurant and Cafe, the IKEA Bistro, and the Swedish Food Market. From breakfast, main meals, kids' meals to snacks, there's something for everyone at the IKEA restaurant. Check out what are some of the fun experiences you can try at IKEA's restaurant.

IKEA: More than just shopping

IKEA is not only famous for its high quality products, but also for its delicious and affordable eateries that you won't find anywhere else. You can dine on delicious meals before or after your shopping spree.

Family-friendly dining experience 

A wide range of menu options for all tastes, savory Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam or cakes for a sweet dessert, are all available at IKEA to refresh you after a long day of shopping. IKEA focuses on creating classic Swedish and American dishes that are simple yet mouth-watering. Are you a local foodie? Try the Indonesian specialties such as nasi uduk, fried rice and Balinese roast chicken. You don't even have to worry, as there are vegetarian options available with a variety of plant-based menus.

While the restaurant experience can be a bit of a hassle especially for families with young children, you can still dine with peace of mind as there are children's play corners in every IKEA restaurant, allowing you to take a break and enjoy your Swedish meatball without the hassle of looking after your little ones.
Not only a play corner, but your child can also be distracted with their favorite kids' specialties, Swedish meatballs available in child-friendly portions as well as hand toys to distract them for a moment. No more worrying about getting the whole family to visit and dine at IKEA.

IKEA's special menus

Who says affordable food always comes in mediocre flavors? IKEA serves delicious and satisfying food at affordable prices. Swedish meatballs is one of the recommended menu items that is a favorite of many visitors. IKEA's Swedish Meatballs are available in two variants, namely Swedish Meatballs of 12 and Swedish Meatballs of 8 for kids' portion. Starting from Rp 55,000, you can enjoy IKEA's Swedish Meatballs served with cream sauce, mashed potato, vegetables, and lingonberry sauce. There is also grilled salmon with lemon creamy sauce, pasta with plant-based beef bolognese, fish & chips, Australian prime sirloin steak with creamy black pepper sauce.

Don't forget to try some sweet and refreshing desserts. One of IKEA's most popular desserts is Äppelkaka, or apple cake. This cake is made from chopped apples layered with pie dough and baked until golden. Additionally, you can choose Chocolate mint mud cake, a legit chocolate flavor combined with cool mint, perfect to eat especially in hot weather.

There are also options for ice cream lovers, you must try vanilla, mango or chocolate ice cream that can be created by yourself with your favorite toppings that add freshness. You can invite your kids to create their own ice cream recipe with jam, marshmallows, chocolate candies, coconut flakes or meses.

Various promos await 

There are many promos and discounts you can get, these include the buy 1 get 1 free Swedish meatball filled with 8 meatballs every Wednesday, the Tuesday promo which offers IKEA vouchers worth Rp100,000 for food purchases at IKEA restaurants with a minimum purchase of Rp200,000. This promo is valid every Tuesday. There are also many promos for IKEA bistro such as discounts on donut snacks to sausage buns. You can monitor these promos every day either on IKEA social media or the IKEA website at ikea.co.id. Other than that, there are also special promos for those of you who have registered IKEA family, including main meals, desserts, snacks and IKEA café.

Visitors' Favorite Menus

Curious what are the recommended menus that are the target of IKEA Visitors?  
Swedish meatball : Not to be missed and a must-try, there is IKEA Swedish meatball with vegetables, lingonberry sauce, mashed potatoes and Swedish cream sauce that tastes savory, sweet and appetizing. Perfect to enjoy with the family.
Plant balls : For vegans, there is also a selection of IKEA plant balls made from carefully selected vegetables and made to create ble the delicious taste of meat.

Fish & chips : This menu consists of fried dory fish, fries, and tartar sauce. The dory fish used is a high-quality dory fish that has a savory and soft taste. Combined with the fries, it is also perfectly fried so that it has a crispy texture on the outside and soft on the inside. The tartar sauce also has a sour and savory taste that perfectly complements the taste of the fish and fries. Don't forget to add the lemon to give it the right amount of freshness and flavor.

Curious about what other menus are available? You can find the main course, dessert and bistro menus on the IKEA website.

Tips for Visit to IKEA restaurant

Before you visit to dine at IKEA, check out our dining tips. You can queue with the trail provided and choose your family's favorite appetizer to dessert, then the food and drinks will be counted at the cashier before you head to the table. Want to take your favorite food home with you? You can find PRUTA's affordable takeaway products to take your order home with you. Then, come at lunchtime or in the afternoon, as the restaurant will be more crowded during dinner hours.
However, if you visit when the restaurant is crowded, you can share the task of ordering and guarding the table, but no need to worry, because many dining spots or tables are available at IKEA. In addition, IKEA implements the concept of self-service, so you are strongly advised to clean up the cutlery to the place provided to maintain the comfort of other customers and good for teaching cleanliness to the little ones.

With a variety of menus to choose from, excellent service, and kids' play spots that make it easy to keep an eye on your little ones, IKEA's restaurant is the perfect place for a family vacation. Visit family-friendly dining at IKEA. Click here to see the location closest to you!
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