IKEA Indonesia loyalty program: exploring benefits for loyal customers

IKEA, as one of the leading furniture brands globally, is not only known for its functional designs and appealing aesthetics but also for its innovation in providing added value to its customers. In Indonesia, IKEA not only offers high-quality products but is committed to building strong relationships with customers through various loyalty programs. Here are some loyalty programs currently held by IKEA Indonesia.

IKEA family: membership that brings more benefits

The IKEA Family program is a smart move for loyal customers. By registering as a member, customers can enjoy various benefits such as special coupons, exclusive offers, and access to special events. These benefits apply not only to IKEA products but also to various services such as delivery and assembly.

IKEA reward points: collect and redeem for discounts

Every purchase at IKEA Indonesia earns customers reward points. This program allows customers to accumulate points from each transaction and then redeem them for coupons or other special rewards. This way, customers not only feel appreciated with every purchase but also receive additional incentives to shop more.

Regular promotions and coupons: save even more

IKEA Indonesia regularly holds promotions and issues coupons for its customers. IKEA Family members often get early access or additional benefits during these promotional periods. Thus, customers can enjoy not only high-quality products but also make their purchases at more affordable prices.

Events and workshops: experience beyond just shopping

IKEA Indonesia doesn't solely focus on selling products but also on providing a larger experience to its customers. Through special events, workshops, and community meetings, IKEA creates opportunities for customers to engage, learn, and feel part of the larger IKEA community.

Design consultation services: personal assistance for your dream home

For IKEA Family members, free design consultation services are available. This allows customers to receive personal guidance from IKEA design experts, helping them plan and create their dream spaces using the right IKEA products.

These loyalty programs are not just about providing coupons or rewards; they are about building long-term relationships with customers. IKEA Indonesia continues to strive to deliver added value, convenience, and inspiration to every customer, creating an unforgettable shopping experience with every visit to their stores.

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