IKEA Indonesia Christmas promo 2023: refresh your home with Christmas decor and affordable furniture

As the year draws to a close, it brings forth special moments, none more so than Christmas Day. Many heartwarming moments unfold during the Christmas festivities, beginning with the solemn communal prayers and extending to joyful interactions with friends, close relatives, and beloved family members. The open house tradition becomes the most anticipated moment on Christmas Day. Therefore, preparing your abode with various Christmas decorations and refreshing the room with diverse, modern furniture from IKEA becomes crucial. Create a warm and joyous Christmas atmosphere with IKEA Indonesia's 2023 Christmas promo. Here are some enticing promotions.

Advent calendar promo

Experience the convenience of shopping for your Christmas needs at your fingertips by accessing www.ikea.co.id or using the IKEA app. Shopping is made even more delightful with attractive promotions from IKEA. To welcome Christmas, IKEA is hosting a special promo called the Advent Calendar. Each week, you can enjoy different offers, including cashback, discounts, and free delivery. The Advent Calendar promo runs from December 1st to December 24th, 2023.


To enhance the celebration of Christmas, IKEA aims not only to satisfy its loyal customers with high-quality modern products but also to provide the best price offers. Therefore, IKEA is offering attractive discounts on a variety of furniture and Christmas decorations. Visit your nearest IKEA store and grab your favorite Christmas furniture and decorations. Enjoy significant discounts and prepare your home for a warm Christmas celebration without worrying about breaking the bank.

Affordable bundles

Want to refresh the look of every room in your home before Christmas arrives? IKEA is ready to fulfill the dreams of its loyal customers for a stunning, comfortable, and modern living space. Therefore, IKEA is offering affordable bundling promotions that not only provide reasonable prices but also make shopping easier. You will get a more affordable package price for a set of furniture. By paying one bundled price, you can refresh the look of your room with a complete set of furniture.

Get IKEA products for free

In anticipation of Christmas, IKEA is also organizing a variety of interesting workshops. These workshops include Christmas cake decoration, gift wrapping, and setting up the dining table for the Christmas celebration, as well as creating a festive atmosphere for guests at home. What makes it even more exciting is that by registering and participating in these workshop activities, you can receive free products from IKEA. Don't forget to register as an IKEA Family member first.

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