IKEA Family : Members Only Benefits and Promos

Some of you still need to learn what IKEA Family is. IKEA Family is a loyalty program from IKEA for customers who want to become members of the IKEA family. Of course, this program has many benefits for customers who have participated.

Joining as a member of the IKEA Family is very easy. You need to register on the IKEA website or application, which is available on the App Store (IOS) or Play Store (Android). After successfully registering, you have officially become part of the IKEA family.

Benefits of being a member of the IKEA Family

Let's discuss the various benefits you can get when you become a member of the IKEA Family.
  • Free 1 hour IDS consultation 
    When you become a member of the IKEA Family, you will automatically get a free interior design consultation service lasting 60 minutes. This service will undoubtedly benefit those of you who are or want to carry out reconstruction or redecorate a room in your house.
  • Free coffee for every visit
    You can get free coffee every time you visit an IKEA store. You can go directly to the restaurant area and show the IKEA Family barcode or free coffee coupon on the offer page on the IKEA application. 
  • Special prices for specific products with limited-time offers (TRO) 
    One of the other benefits of being part of the IKEA Family is that you will get special prices for specific products. You can find this special price offer on the central part of the IKEA website and application. 
  • Special participant rights to take part in workshops and events held by IKID
    Another advantage of being a member of the IKEA Family is that you will get invitations from IKID to hold events such as workshops, cooking classes, and new product launches. Of course, from this event, you will not only gain knowledge about home furnishings, but you will also get a goodie bag containing IKEA products.

Special IKEA Family promotion

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, becoming an IKEA Family member will get special promotions. From discount offers, special prices, combo promos, and offers from banks collaborating with IKEA to cashback on interior design service fees. Very interesting, right? 
You can find discount offers, extraordinary prices, and combo promos, you can find out via the main banner on the IKEA website and mobile app. On the banner, you can see what products are on sale. The discount offers usually given is up to  20%. Very economical, isn't it?

You can also find discount offers from banks that collaborate with IKEA on the first page of the IKEA website. This offer is located in the 'Latest offers' section. You can get everything from bank discounts, bonus vouchers & e-vouchers, Kredivo installment promos, and credit card promos.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the IKEA Family now and get various attractive member-only promotions. Click here!
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Author: Retno Andriani

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