How to organise your countertop to have everything close by

Make your kitchen routine much easier by making sure all the equipment you need is within your reach. See how you can make the most of the area around countertop using the right accessories.

How to organise your sink area

The sink area is a busy area in the kitchen. You rinse vegetables or fruits to clean the cooking utensils here. A colander that can be attached to the kitchen sink will help you to save time and free up space on the worktop. Also, you can place the dish drainer next to the kitchen sink to make it easier for you to clean your cooking and eating utensils.

Make the most of your wall area

Besides saving space, wall storage also makes it easier for you to find what you need. Use a rail and hook combination to hang cooking utensils or cleaning gloves. You can also attach a wall shelf to place spices so they’re within your reach.