How to join a street party – without leaving your home

Man sitting on a deep, sunlit window sill, head restfully leaning back. Multistorey facade in the background.

It’s summer and open-air celebrations light up the city streets. But what if you can’t join? Let the party come to you. Take part in the festivities at a distance, and let the mood spread into your home.

Sunlit window with a cityscape backdrop. On the sill a VIPPÄRT chair cushion, a tray of refreshments, and a large plant.

Invite sounds, lights and sights

From the right vantage point, someone else’s celebration can lift your own day – even if you’re not there in person. Simply open a window and let the music and cheer flow in.
Window overlooking multistorey facades. TISKEN suction-cup hooks and basket on the glass hold binoculars and snacks.

A front-row seat at the festival

Take your pick of drink and snacks, a makeshift seat and set up a station by the window (a window catch for safety doesn’t hurt). Now you can follow outside events without moving an inch.
The upper parts of an alcove formed by a deep window sill, sectioned off from the room with VILBORG room-darkening curtains.

Your bubble by the window

A deep window sill isn’t just a great spot for taking in the view. With a set of thick curtains, it becomes a cosy corner for pensive pauses. Simply close the curtains when you want some peaceful seclusion.

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