How to decorate a small outdoor space

When choosing outdoor furniture for your balcony or small patio – plus storage, lighting, decorations and other accessories – it’s good to remember that flexibility is what will set you up for as many different activities as possible. Here’s how to get the most out of your space.

Laying a fresh foundation

This floor decking gives your balcony an instant upgrade. Simply click it into place to refresh your space from the floor up. Since it’s made in plastic it’s not just durable and weather-resistant, it’s also easy cutting it to fit perfectly. Choose a colour you like or mix to make your own creative pattern. ​

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Get set for what you feel like​

A table and some chairs that are foldable and easy to set aside let you clear the space for other activities in no-time. Being an outdoor space, it’s perfect for letting creative play get a little messy. But you can also roll out your yoga mat or turn it into a workshop for the day to fix your bicycle.​

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Favourites in foldable outdoor furniture​

Choosing foldable furniture for your balcony or patio has the advantage that they’re easy to stow away. A few extra chairs in case guests are coming over take practically no space at all. Here are some popular picks.

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Room to store and display​

Using the height of your walls for cabinets and shelves is a smart way to maximise storage without sacrificing too much floor space. A mix of open and closed storage lets you hide away things you want out of sight – like a bag of soil and cultivation tools – so you can let your plants shine on the shelves. ​

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More than just a table

A small coffee table is always handy to have around, so you have somewhere to put drinks and other stuff when you’re relaxing on your balcony. Smart storage under the tabletop will probably also come to good use. In a small space, even the tiniest of extra stow-away spaces are convenient. ​​

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Space-saving double use​

Furniture that suits just as well indoors as outdoors lets you change things up when you want. As you don’t need to get one for inside and another for your balcony, it helps save quite a bit of space at home – money too as it’s half the budget. This comfy rocking-chair is lightweight and easy enough to carry.​

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Light and sound in one ​

The VAPPEBY outdoor speaker lamp is a compact and convenient solution for both light and sound on your balcony. Simply connect your streaming device via Bluetooth and get comfortable as the dark settles in. ​

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