Home visit: try a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed

On Sunday 12 May, why not get International Mother’s Day off to a good start with a relaxing breakfast in bed? Easy to prepare, these granola jars are perfect for enjoying alone or – better yet – together! Nina and her sons show us how.
Jars filled with granola and yoghurt on a white tray on a bed.
Nina and her two children preparing food together in the kitchen.
Breakfast ingredients, including chopped fruit, nuts and glass jars, laid out on a wooden countertop.
Prep your ingredients with love
If the kids are old enough, they can make breakfast for mum. Or, make it a team effort! Chopping and slicing wholesome ingredients like fresh fruits, berries and nuts will make even a simple yoghurt and granola breakfast feel like a treat.
Make a present of your presentation
Instead of serving it in a bowl, try filling a jar so that it’s like a little gift to open. Layering with the yoghurt first, then the granola, extra toppings and a drizzle of sweet honey looks beautiful and helps keep the dry toppings crunchy.
Take breakfast to bed
Make dishing up fuss-free and fun by setting everything on a tray table that can be carried straight from the kitchen to bed. Add playful details and a few flowers or plant cuttings to bring a smile to mum’s face.
Tuck in together
Why not take a break from the usual morning routine and spend a little longer over breakfast together? Today’s a great day to celebrate family and make the most of those special moments.

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Interior stylist: Ashlyn Gibson
Photographer: Dan Duchars
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