Home visit: enjoy the first picnic of spring

Decking by a lake, cushions and rugs on the floor Bedouin-style, a grey towel hangs on rusted steps next to a candelabra.
Can you feel it? The shift in seasons? This time towards lighter, warmer days… Don’t waste the promise of spring. Pack a few easy-to-carry home comforts and step out. It’s great outdoors!

Light the way

When we visited stylist Johanna’s lakeside home, she showed us enjoying days outside is about treating the space like a room. Whether outside is a balcony, park, garden or bankside, things that make you feel at home in four walls do the same outside. Lighting sets an inviting mood. Try solar lights – leave them out to charge! And candles add twinkle to any picnic and light the fun into the night.
Three handwoven multicoloured striped rugs overlapping each other on wood decking, with a beige linen cushion on top.

Roll up

Spring ground may still be a little soggy so put down something hard wearing to sit on. For a portable seating option that’s also comfortable, take inspiration from Bedouin style and layer a few small rugs to carpet the ground. TÅNUM rugs roll up tight – you can easily carry 3 or 4 to cover a good amount of ground. And since they’re machine washable, any dirt is easily washed off.
A grey fluffy towel hangs from a rusted set of steps that lead from a decked area beside a lake down to the water.

Wrap up

Towels work on triple-duty outdoors – as throws to keep the chill away, a soft place to sit, and a handy way to dry off if springtime showers make an appearance.

A few textiles – throws, cushions and rugs – can be rolled tight, packed up and carried out to turn any outside space into your living room for the hour, afternoon, day…

Pack a basket

You don’t need big plans for a nice picnic. Just throw what you have into a carry all – a bag, basket, or even a throw tied into a knapsack will do! You don’t need lots of plastic tubs for food, just make some sandwiches wrapped in grease proof paper. Mix a drink in a bottle, add your throws and you’re good to go.

Shake off the winter blues. Even if you haven’t got an outdoor space of your own, pack a few essentials and enjoy the mood-boosting benefits of a day spent in the fresh air.
A boy sits on the edge of a jetty next to a woman in flip-flops. On the deck are rugs, cushions, throws and a picnic basket.

“Our style is eclectic and personal. That extends outdoors. I love candlelight so why not have it outside too? As soon as the days get lighter, we are outside. It feels so good after the long dark of winter. You need that lift.”

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Made by

Interior designer: Johanna Flyckt Gashi
Photographer: Benjamin Edwards
Art director: Jules Rogers
Writer: Helen Bazuaye

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