Help kids help themselves: small space living with little ones

A compact apartment designed with a child’s needs in mind, means kids quickly find independence in important ways. Wherever possible, things are kept within reach so that it’s easy to play, create, or help with chores when the mood strikes – solo or together.

An organised zone for creative pursuits

Staying organised and productive is a daily task made so much easier when there is plenty of storage. Variety is best, with deep mesh storage boxes for art supplies, drawers for toys and a slim cabinet for gadgets and tools. With everything ready and accessible, home projects and creative hobbies thrive!

Make the most of a compact balcony

Small space living doesn’t mean you’re stuck inside, and watering plants on the balcony will build kids’ confidence. Open shelves provide the perfect set up to foster a love of fresh air and all things green.

Make storage accessible

Roll it over here, push it over there. Storage on wheels adapts to a busy family life – add small rollers to the bottom of storage boxes for the perfect solution. Along with that, it’s important that shelves, clothing rails and hooks live at lower heights so kids can easily grab what they need.

Create places for private time

Together time is important, but all children need time alone, too. Though it’s tricky when space is at a premium, a bit of creative thinking makes everything possible. Carve out a special nook – with bonus storage underneath – for seeking a quiet moment whenever it’s needed.

Steal the look

Create your own kid-friendly abode with these key pieces for an organised, stylish home.
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Written by : IKEA
Translated by : Ayu Nindyakirana

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