Harmonious living in a beautiful space

This is a warm home for a large family. Different choice of furniture represent each family. A touch of dark color and natural material keep this home simple but warm.

Quality time together

This living room is perfect for all family. Metal and solid wood open storage, wall shelves, TV bench and rattan armchair create a natural and rustic expression.

Big kitchen for big family

This kitchen occupied all the needs for the family. With a functional island table that can be used as a bar table so that the family can still interact while preparing and cooking.

An organised bathroom

This bathroom is light and airy, furnished with white and wood material. Wastafel cabinet keep the room organised and open storage make it easy for everyone to find what they need.

Comfortable place to recharge

This master bedroom express a timeless design with high-quality furniture that reflects the couple’s personal style. Sturdy bed, clothes and bag collection storage, beautiful vanity area strengthen the feeling of a comfortable place for relax and recharge.

The design that never go out of style

Traditional style doesn't always mean old. This simple bedroom with classic steel bed and side table, black brown wood wardrobe and floral wallpaper mixes nicely and highlight their personality.

Enjoy me-time in an organised bedroom

Personalised bedroom for the elder. This is a well-organised, clutter-free space with functional storage, which also provides surfaces to display their favourite objects. Comfortable armchair in the corner allowed you to have a me-time moment. A perfect corner to read favorite books while drink afternoon tea.

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