Give your bed the royal treatment – add a canopy

Give your bed the royal treatment – add a canopy
Your bedroom is already your own little kingdom. Surround your bed with curtains to give it the majestic style and comfort to match.

A room within your bedroom

Besides creating a stately feeling, bed curtains add closeness and comfort. Use them to block the light to your liking. They also let you treat the space around your bed like a room in its own right – decorations, lighting and all.

Adjust your bed textiles to perfection

A big pattern on the canopy’s outside gives impact to the room, while a calmer pattern is suitable for the interior. Two layers of fabric will also increase the ability to control light and temperature.

A hub for lazy activities

It’s a fair guess that you’ll want to spend more time in your new, canopied retreat. Cushions of different sizes and colours add both to the look and seating comfort.

All cosied up

Layers of bedding, like lightweight duvets and a bedspread, make your bed cosy like crazy. It also lets you customise your sleeping temperature as weather and seasons change. A plush rug to step onto makes getting up a little easier.

Stay in your comfort zone forever

Sometimes you want to stay horizontal all day long. With roomy storage underneath your bed to keep important stuff close, you may well succeed.

Complimentary breakfast

While you’re at it, stay in bed also over breakfast (or any meal, for that matter).

Layers of lovely

Besides letting you tailor the temperature, duvets, bedspread and pillows make your bed elegantly fluffy. Spoil yourself by tucking into a beautifully made bed every night.
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Made By
Interior designer: Gretchen Broussard
Photographer: Mårten Linton
Writer: Henrik Annemark