Get your home ready this Ramadan

Ramadan is getting closer. It’s time to get your home ready to make every moment more special this Ramadan. From preparing table setting for hosting iftar, to planning fun activity for children so they feel excited on their first fast.

Create a festive iftar at home

Make your iftar more festive every day by enhancing your dining table look. Use your beautiful dinnerware collection for special feeling. Small but impactful things like paper napkins in bright colors also help to instantly change the look of your dining table.

The secret of special dishes for suhoor and iftar

After fasting, of course you want to serve a delicious meal as a "reward" for family. Use a good quality cookware like a casserole that spreads heat evenly and gives food an even browning. Also organize kitchen utensils to make them easier to find and streamline your cooking workflow. The combination of rail and hooks allows you to hang your utensils so that they’re always within reach.

Fun things to do while waiting for iftar

Children tend to be impatient waiting for iftar. You can keep them busy and entertained by setting up interesting activities. Educational toys such as cooking set or cash register toy can be the perfect choice, because children can play and learn at the same time.