Get every part of your home cleaned

A house that looks neat is not necessarily clean. Make sure your home is neat and free of dust and dirt with these reliable cleaning tools.

Different areas, different tools needed

A duster to clean furniture from dust, a rag to clean tiles, and a squeegee to clean glass. Make sure you use the right tools for faster work.

Perfect for cleaning and drying

This microfiber cloth is easy to absorb and dries quickly, perfect for cleaning kitchen areas that are often dirty with oil spills or cooking spices.

Make a dirty glass surface sparkling clean

Cleaning is more fun when you have the right tools. This squeegee is great to use for wiping water off walls, cleaning windows or glass doors in the shower.

Laundry day

The laundry basket is perfect for carrying wet clothes from the washing machine, and dried clean clothes for storing or ironing.