Functional space for modern families

With contemporary clean lines, this space is perfect for young modern families. Dark woods mixed with warm reds and blues create a comfortable harmonious atmosphere. While a mixture of gloss, matte, sleek textures give an elegant modern feel into the home. The furniture is organic and functional, providing comfortable children friendly spaces.

Living room with a modern touch

The living area uses some bold color for a modern touch. The layout is designed to be as comfortable as possible for families and guests to do their activities. There is TV storage combination with doors to keep the room tidy at all times.

Make delicious dishes with style

Handle-less doors makes the kitchen appear more elegant and modern. The simple kitchen is then topped with some wooden textures and glass combination for a more playful but still elegant touch.

A bathroom in bold colours

The bathroom is furnished in monotone to balance out the bold colours surrounding it. To maintain the sink area's cleanliness, there is storage close to the sink.

Create a comfortable room to sleep and play

The children bedroom is designed to accommodate the kid's hobbies and needs. By using mostly soft colours, it allows the kid to explore and grow.

A room to express yourself

This bedroom is designed to be elegant and exciting by using bold colours and symmetrical balance organization. The shelf unit leaves more space to express yourself and customise the room in your own way.

Room for a better rest

This bedroom is designed for a more comfortable sleep. Simple organization and focusing furnitures on only one wall allows more space for mobilization and pleasing to the eye.

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