Fun time with a fun roommate

Privacy and boundaries can be a little tricky in the circumtances of living together with a roommate in a 2 bedroom apartment of 38.45 m². Sharing spaces and areas makes living together challenging yet also fun. Closed storage is used to organise personal things, while open storage can display favourite collections to reflect each individual's identity and hobbies.

A place for having a good time

Give personality to the space by using a touch of primary colour. In this small living room, there's a place to store and display everyone's things. This is a special place to do what they love, such as movie marathon, read favourite novel or having friend come over.

Warm ambience in a small kitchen

The combination of birch and white colour make the kitchen looks simple and clean all the time. By using wall storage to make the most of the available space, they can create their favourite dishes and eat together in warm ambience.

Get ready in a bright bathroom

Bathrooms with bright colours can bright up the mood in the morning before starting activities. Have time to get ready with a good mood, can give pleasant positive energy for the whole day.

A cosy, calm bedroom

This bedroom belongs to a diligent person who aspire to an authentic way of living. The bedroom is a calm sanctuary and the perfect place to study, working and relax after a long day outside.

Study comfortably at home

This bedroom is arranged for different activities, but study is the main focus. Studying remotely from home has its challenge, and having multifunctional storage solution, which holds all belongings, and easy to clean is a much-needed things here.

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